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3D Digital Sculpting is Super Fun in VR

Most of us have tried our hand creating stuff. Remember how fun it was to try your best to bring forth your imagined object or scene into the realm of reality?

The Nostalgia of DIY Arts and Crafts

It might be that wonkie paper mache volcano or your beginner masterpiece painting in the style of Van Gogh. Maybe it was that polymer clay sculpted Batman cowl mask and home made cosplay costume?

But not everyone has the full range of tools required to work in specific mediums like clay. The inherent nature of each medium also has limits and restrictions. These can be fun to try to overcome but it also often frustrates, showing as gaps between our initial imagination and final artwork.

A Digital VR Sculpt of Saitama from the One Punch an anime

Be Creative in Virtual Reality

By now we all know that Virtual Reality is here to stay. Experts and amateurs alike figuring out new ways to use it from serious fields like medical visualizations to enjoyable 3D painting performances.

It seems artistic endeavors with VR first started with Google's Tilt Brush that lets us paint in mid air. Much like how Microsoft's MS Paint was the sleeper killer app that first enabled the masses to put their thoughts to digital paint on a 2D canvas. A VR painting app now empowers us to paint digitally on a vast 3D canvas.

I still remember when the first usable and affordable 2D digital drawing tablets came on the market. It revitalized the 2D illustration industry and enabled creators to be more productive while magnifying their pen skills. This trend of how well designed digital technology can transform traditional mediums can be seen in many areas. Remember how "The Toy Story" was the first full featured length 3D animated film?

Digital Sculpting

The same thing is happening to sculpting which has a long history of evolving mediums. The sculptors choice of medium have always been a balancing act between ease of creation with the permanence of the artwork. Think of the trade-offs between stone or marble, pottery from clay, or more modern use of polymer clay, silicone and foam creations.

The current trend in Digital Sculpting started mostly with more user friendly accessible applications like still 2D zBrush. However creating a 3D object in 2D does limit the artist's intuitive application and visualisation of the final masterpiece.

Enter VR to provide an intuitive almost magical sculpting experience. Amazingly enough, Oculus Medium VR software was the first easy to use sculpting experience in VR was initially bundled the Oculus Rift VR headset and Touch controllers. The well thought out 3D graphical interface was textbook example of how to map between the physical VR touch controllers to an impressive digital toolset. The Oculus Medium sculpting software also had a gentle enough learning curve that welcomed beginners while still having Medium shortcut features that more professional artists need.

My delicious breakfast is waiting for me, so stay tuned for more posts on VR sculpting. I think I have made the case for why you should be excited for the inevitable trend of digital sculpting in VR. Adding VR to anything usually pumps up the fun & immersion level and VR sculpting is a prime candidate. Sculpting in VR is exciting and so accessible because you can do so much in relatively short sessions. Ironically time also flies by faster than you think almost as a enjoyble meditative sculpting experience.


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