Virtual REality is Here

and its really really FUN !

Virtual Reality or VR has actually been around for decades, but the current affordable and usable version of VR became a reality (pun intended) just a few years ago. Before VR, there is the physical world that we see and experience around us and the imagined worlds in video games. These imagined worlds are more often than not, more fantastic and vivid than our everyday physical world. Which was why they were created in the first place.


However the most glaring problem with these digital worlds was they were experienced through clunky analogous interfaces like a 2D screen and the keyboard and mouse. What they were lacking was the sense of immersion. Its difficult to really convince yourself you exist in that made up world when you are looking at it through flat 2D portal and frantically pushing buttons.


Having ushered in VR, there is a blurring of the divide between the digital or virtual, and our physical world. In VR You physically move your head to look around with depth enabled vision. You no longer push a button but crouch by bending your knees. In essence VR lets us use our familiar intuitive interaction modality in these created worlds. Hence the immense sense of immersion and presence that is has become the VR tagline. 


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The alluring pull of VR worlds is the sense of limitless possibility it imparts the creators and users of the experience. Depending on the world theme, “Physical” laws like gravity can be changed, colors and contrast can become hyper realistic, and we can have unlimited tools at our disposal like the Matrix’s infinite gun racks. The virtual nature of the world means we can experience a VR movie or VR video game that we exist in, or even paint an artwork in floating 3D space. The potential of VR is starting to be fulfilled with unlimited potential.


The Virtual & Physical Divide


We can now bring physical objects like historical artifacts or even a famous celebrity into the digital world and experience them in VR. There is even a closely related tech to VR called Augmented Reality or AR, that blurs the lines further by placing virtual creations in our physical world. AR is still relatively new so expect more new developments as this space explodes. We can even bring our 3D virtual creations into the physical world using 3D printers. Which has wide implications ranging from design prototyping, to revolutionary decentralised production. As more people experience VR and spend more time immersed in it, we might eventually see people spending more time in VR than in the real physical world.  

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